HDC-GKS takes pride in being an
official ÖSD Examination Center,

Founded on November 1, 2009 by highly educated teachers the
"HDC-German Knowledge Sprachzentrum" is your perfect partner for the German language and its cultural information. 

to carefully guide learners on their desired language area and help enhance better understanding by providing the highest qualified teaching.


We aim to provide an up-to-date cross-cultural orientation for students
to connect better with the foreign language and to provide an opportunity
for students to learn the German language for personal, academic
and professional purposes.


At HDC-GKS, our story begins with the vision and dedication of our founders, Herbert Walter, hailing from Germany together with his wife, Myrna, they embarked on a remarkable journey to establish a language learning institution that transcends boundaries and enriches lives of Filipinos.

HDC-GKS is a guiding light, dedicated to
empowering Filipinos to achieve their dreams.

With a legacy of over 14 years, we connect individuals
to boundless opportunities and nurture their path to excellence.

Choose your path, and let us be your companion. To join our programs, simply visit our Registration page and complete the online enrollment form.

We understand the importance of language certification exams in your journey. HDC-GKS is proud to be an Official ÖSD Examination Center.